Ratan Naval Tata, GBE (born 28 December 1937) is an Indian businessman, investor, philanthropist and former chairman of Tata Sons. He was the chairman of Tata Group, a Mumbai-based global business conglomerate from 1991 till 2012 and again from 24 October 2016 for interim term, and continues to head its charitable trusts. He is the recipient of two of the highest civilian awards of India–Padma Vibhushan (2008) and Padma Bhushan (2000).
Here are the 10 life changing tips by Ratan Tata mostly for those who want to earn bucks and lead a prosperous life.

#1 Tip On Success:
If you also want to taste the success , read what Ratan Tata tips you all about. He says , one must assess their quality and conditions and afterward pick upon the open doors and challenges. No one knows you much superior to your own self. So take your conditions and qualification into thought and after that make utilization of the correct open doors around you

2# Tip On Self – Confidence:

Ratan Tata believes that we must see ourselves the way we are and should have the courage to accept what we are , as this is the ultimate reality. He also says to push our limits and face everyday’s tough situation with faith in ourselves. And if you don’t believe in yourself , you cannot move ahead in life.

3# Tip On Humility:
Despite of scaling heights of popularity , business and humungous wealth , Ratan Tata has not forget what is called as “humility”. If you have come across him , you might have found him an extremely humble human who meets everyone and anyone with a lot of respect. This means humility not only defines ones personality but also plays a very significant role in one’s success.

4# Tip On Job/Work:
Ratan Tata once said a good thing about the value of one’s work. In today’s time , people categorize a job or work as big or small and then give respect to those who are at a high level of their respective work.
But according to Tata , he said that one must not see how big or small the work is , do it with all your dedication and joy and be aware that life will definitely throw many challenges yoru way but rather than turning away from it , just face it and you will emerge victorious.

5# Tip On Aim:
Ratan Tatan also emphasized the importance of aiming big in life else your dreams will just remain like a bird without wings. As nothing could harm an iron but its own rust. In a similar way , nothing can pull one down but their own mentality.

Ratan Tata said that we must do something or the other every day so that we do not regret about the time we lost. On which , he said , “The day I’ll no longer be able to fly will be the most unfortunate day of my life.”

6# Tip On Trust:
He says that trust is really an important factor in life , which has to be earned. He considers ‘trust’ to an invaluable and permanent asset.

Ratan Tata said that we need to build trust with the people we work along with. Consider you are a business person , then try to gain your customer’s trust this will bring you towards success.

7#  Tip On Hardwork:
Ratan Tata says that we must strive hard to something new and unique in life. Keep on trying and become like the person you always want to meet and distinguish yourself from the crowd. In fact , he believes that everyone of us has something peculiar or unique about ourselves , which we need to polish and make best use of it.

8# Tip On Challenges:
Ratan Tata believes that if you are facing any difficulty in life which is not letting you complete a task , then it is all more good than we think and advices as not to run away from such type of problems because success always comes disguised as challenges. So from now keep one point in mind , where there are challenges , surely there is success!

9# Tip On Fear:
The famous businessman Ratan Tata shared his views on what makes one fearsome and how to overcome it. He said that fears is something inevitable , it follows you in every walk of life , be it writing your exams , facing an interview or signing a million dollar deal.

But we cannot let it get better of ourselves. In fact , we must try to channel this fear or feeling of getting scared of doing something to your strength like self confidence. As one needs to take risk in order to go a long way.

11# Tip On Intuition:

Sometimes , it is better to hear what your inner self tries to say you.  Pay close attention to your gut feeling , if it tells you to do something or not to do it then it is right most of the time.

Ratan Tata said that “there are times where you cannot trust anyone and cannot even put any pressure on your grey cells and this is exactly the time to put your intuition in use . Trust me it cannot ever go wrong as it is your soul which gives you direction and you cannot cheat yourself with this!”



“I am, tragically, a man who has frequently said: You put a weapon to my head and draw the trigger or take the firearm away, I won’t move my head.”


“I respect individuals who are extremely fruitful. In any case, if that achievement has been accomplished through an excessive amount of mercilessness, then I may appreciate that individual, yet I can’t regard him.”


“It is anything but difficult to end up a number one player, however it is hard to stay number one. Along these lines, we will need to battle with a perspective to stay number one.”


“We have been. . . thinking little. Furthermore, in the event that we check out us, nations like China have developed such a great amount by preparing to stun the world. I would encourage that we all, in the coming years, plan for an impressive future, consider doing things not in little additions, not in little deltas, but rather apparently incomprehensible things. Be that as it may, nothing is unthinkable in the event that you truly set out to do as such. Furthermore, we act strongly. Since it is this reasoning huge and acting strongly that will move India up in a way not the same as where it is today.”


“Risk is an essential piece of business logic. You can be hazard unwilling and go out on a limb, in which case you will have a sure direction as far as your development. On the other hand you can, while being reasonable, take more serious danger with a specific end goal to become quicker.”


“I view hazard as a capacity to be the place nobody has been some time recently. I view danger to be an issue of preparing to stun the world, something we didn’t do beforehand. We did everything in little augmentations so we generally lingered behind. Be that as it may, the essential inquiry is: would we be able to wander putting a man on the moon or hazard billions of rupees on a truly way-out, cutting edge venture in, say, superconductors? Do you confine your danger to something near your heart?”

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