Super Weird Talents: Do you have a talent that you can’t tell your friends and relatives about? Well, if you have then you must tell because, these days, people are getting famous because of all the weirds things they do and post on social media.

For instance, Pooja Jain, who is popularly known as Dhinchak Pooja, has become famous in India for her weird songs. She uploads her songs on Youtube and in no time they start trending on social media, specially Facebook. Pooja became so popular that she was invited as a wildcard entry on India’s one of the most popular realty TV shows, Bigg Boss.

No matter what people say about Pooja, she has become popular and now the whole country knows her. Salman Khan, who is the host of Bigg Boss, made fun of Pooja’s song but he was impressed with her confidence. Even in the Bigg Boss house, she sang a song which became very popular among all those who watch Bigg Boss.

In this post, we have listed some of the most super weird talents that people have around the world. This is a very interesting list because we love to watch people who can do things that other can’t, no matter how weird are.

1) This man can balance an egg on the tip of a pencil. This is indeed a super wired talent because we can’t even imagine doing this. This is impossible .  

2) We are wondering why this man’s this particular look has not been turned into a meme yet? Can you do this? Keep trying and let us know if you can’t. 

3) Engineers will keep looking at her lips but can you (other than engineers) do this to your tongue?

4) Can you do this? 

5) For all those who keep asking for jobs, here is one for you. Keep trying. 

6) WTF? Seriously? Good lord. We don’t what to say. 

7) The toughest challenge you will take today. 

8) Eyebrow dancing 

9) She can sing without opening her mouth. 

10) Meet world’s fastest reader. 

11) Slow Motion Indian. 

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