16 Greatest Teachers that Can be Influential to Other Mentors

Teachers not just impart knowledge to their students, but they also teach them right virtues and principles in life. As an appreciation, wellsaidquotes cited some of the greatest and dedicated mentors in the world.

A student attends her class with her child since she didn’t have any money to hire a babysitter. During the class the child began to cry and instead of being annoyed, the professor took him from his mom, pacified him, and continued the lecture.

This is the main reason why a student should listen carefully.

Indeed, true professionals don’t take any settlements.

Who says history class is boring?

Would you want to look at this clock during the exam?

This is how a physics teacher explains properties of liquid.

An art teacher always creates a chalkboard master piece to inspire the students.

A true professional is resourceful.

This teacher wears Scooby Doo costume and brings non-alcoholic champagne to keep his promise to his students.

Instead of criticizing the sleeping student, this professor kept his class’ spirit high.

A teacher saved a lost kitten and even made her lecture appealing to students.

This was found at the room of an astronomy teacher.

This math teacher is ready to explain how ‘Pi’ looks like.

This is how a physics teacher conducts an experiment.

A teacher that encourages her students to be inclined on art gets a wonderful dress.

This professor really knows how to say ‘cheating is a crime’.

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