Many Hollywood movies make us feel unbelievable, We think that there will not really be such buildings. they must have used good computer graphics. But for the people of Dubai, scenes in Hollywood movie ” buildings ” look very ordinary, they are use to the great and awesome building they see in their daily life. The rest, there are many such things in Dubai that people from other countries will probably not be able to believe.
Today Oddmenot will show you some similar pictures of Dubai that you will find amazing and incredible. You may also regret a bit after seeing them that you are not the Sheikh of Dubai.

1. Island City

Only Arab millionaires can afford to construct an island city with luxury apartments and shopping malls.

2. Gold ATM (any time gold)
Just like cash, you can draw gold out of machines on the road.

3. Ferrari Jam
Every other car in Dubai is a Ferrari and so you are likely to witness a Ferrari jam. How cool is that!

4. Escaping a traffic jam
Stuck in traffic? No problem! A helicopter will come to your rescue.

5. Super bus
These Dubai super busses can take 23 passengers at the speed of 250km per hour.

6. Police Cars
The Dubai Police Department uses the Lamborghini Aventador that can reach the speed of speed of up to 349 km/hr.

7. Police Boat
The XCAT Powerboats are also used by the cops to catch criminals.

8. Dubai Miracle Garden
This garden that was created over 600 days consists of 60 different varieties of flowers.

9. Fancy Mobile Phones
Luxury phone maker Vertu creates lustrous expensive phones for its Arabia consumers.

10. Starbucks
Starbucks in Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai, looks no less than a palace.

11. Charity Work
There are free food stations for unemployed people all over the city.

12. Playing tennis in air
This tennis court at Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel is the most extraordinary tennis court ever.

13. Ski Resort
This 22,500 square meters indoor ski resort is mountain-themed. While snowfall is Dubai is unimaginable, you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and tobogganing.

14. Cultural Diversity
You get to see humans of all colors in Dubai. At Dubai beaches, you find both women with veiled faces and women in mini-skirts.

15. Crazy signboards
Do not carry fish with you in the metro as its odor might disturb your fellow passengers.

16. Wild pets
Dubai does everything extra and when it comes to pets, Arab’s go for lions and tigers.

17. Honeymoon Suites
You can book a royal-looking honeymoon suite for $24,000 a night.

18. Burj Khalifa
Dubai is home to the tallest building in the world. Burj Khalifa is 2,717 feet (828 meters) high.

19. Gold cars
Arabs are not just fans of racing cars but buy shiny gold plated cars to add to their already too-bright swag.

20. Gold toilets and Dollar bill Toilet Paper
Washrooms in Dubai are more expensively constructed than entire towns in the third world countries. There are gold toilets build by filthy rich Sheikhs and Dollar bills are used as toilet paper.

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