25 Things You Do as an Adult Because You Were Emotionally Abused as a Child!

It goes without saying that your childhood stays with you forever. This means that in case you were emotionally abused as a kid, it may leave lasting scars that you may not be able to recover from. That’s not all, it may also result in relationship problems and mental illness.

25 things you do as an adult because you were emotionally abused as a kid:

  1. You are so angry that it can cause you to lash out through social media.
  2. You have difficulty finding out who you are, and what your true beliefs are.
  3. You blame yourself for absolutely everything that occurs.
  4. You won’t fight back. You only cut people out of your life by getting help.
  5. You have difficulty expressing your feelings. This may result in anxiety and depression.
  6. You cannot make eye contact as it scares you.
  7. You have difficulty accepting that some people really love as well as care for you.
  8. You will never think you are smart or good enough. Regardless of what you achieve, it won’t block out the negative words in your head.
  9. You hide the ‘bad’ side of yourself from anyone.
  10. You are too shy. Also, you never have a voice.
  11. You have attachment and trust problems. You are also paranoid that results in problems with relationships.
  12. You don’t ask for help as you think something will be wanted in return. As a result of this, you may have difficulty finding a real friend.
  13. You feel the need to explain in detail anything you do. Also, you have trouble saying no to others.
  14. You will try too hard to please an authority figure.
  15. You do not want to accept love and think it’s never unconditional.
  16. You are defensive, so that you come off as cynical or cold.
  17. You are hardly yourself and always remain neutral as you won’t say anything that others may not agree with.
  18. You are indecisive as you feel like everything you do will be wrong.
  19. You do not trust anyone, and will rarely let other people in.
  20. You use your home as a safe place and isolate yourself.
  21. You apologize all the time because you always feel like you are to blame for everything.
  22. You think everything you do is wrong, regardless of what other people say.
  23. You cannot accept compliments.
  24. You cannot stand conflict. Sudden loud noises instantly trigger your fight or flight instinct, or aggression.
  25. Emotional abuse is actually a terrible thing to carry around. A large number of people may not be aware that it’s affecting each aspect of their lives. Although it’s hard to deal with, you should never give up.
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