5 Irrelevant Things We Need To Stop Making Relevant

Irrelevant things are the things which are not important or relating to what is being discussed right now. Don’t let the unnecessary things in your life hold weight in your life. Evaluate your life and see what is relevant and what is not. Generally people start making irrelevant things a very big thing by giving so much importance to them. It’s not to say that these things hold no relevance at all, it’s just that they most certainly do not hold a level of relevance in our lives that matches the amount of time and energy many of us give to them.

There are plenty of irrelevant things present in our lives which we immediately need to stop making relevant, some of them are given below:


We all love being right and while receiving credit for that accomplishment can be a wonderful feeling, is it really so important that it’s worth creating arguments and losing sleep or even friendships over? I’m not suggesting that we all become push overs, but I am suggesting that we should stop being so credit obsessed and defensive when things don’t go our way. While we’ve all undoubtedly been right a countless number of times, we’ve also all been wrong plenty of times as well, but I don’t see us fighting to receive attention for those instances. Stop making the need to be right about the little things so important and instead focus on supporting the greater collective causes that have the power to change the world.


Even if you claim to not care much about social media, we’ve all carefully crafted posts and selected particular images over others in an effort to create a highlight reel version of ourselves for our friends, family, and the public to view. While I’m not suggesting we start posting anything and everything to ensure our online persona is an accurate reflection of us, I am encouraging you to make your actual persona more relevant than your online one.


Our past has undoubtedly helped to make us into who we are today, and rather than simply trusting this truth and recognizing that hardship is in fact necessary for growth, we instead love to regularly dwell upon that pain as if it were still happening now. Stop polluting your experience of the present moment with specific elements of your past. You may not be able to control what happens to you in this life, but you can always control your reaction to things, and that includes whether or not you choose to drag past pain into it. Just because you were victimized once, does not mean that you are bound to forever be victimized. Again, trust that your past will naturally impact your decision making in just the right way.


This one should be self-explanatory, but just in case you need me to lay it out for you: Believe it or not, what happens to your favourite celebrity has absolutely nothing to do with you. What they are doing, where they are doing it, and who they are doing it with has absolutely no bearing over your life, yet so many of us follow and invest in their lives more religiously than we do our own. Remind yourself that they are ordinary human beings just like we are, and have simply managed to excel in a career that we as a collective, for some reason, admire and put on a pedestal more than others. Cut back on the amount of time you spend reading tabloids and invest it in the people who actually participate in your daily life and yourself included.


Have you ever said this to yourself? I honestly am the victim in this situation. Being a victim is the viewpoint that something is being done to you. Being responsible is not about whether or not you were victimized but your outlook on the situation. You can choose to take the responsible point of view. This will create the incredible liberty for you to move forward in your life and create boundless opportunities.

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