6 Signs Your Smartphone Has Been Hacked & How To Protect It

Few things in life are more off putting than learning that your personal space has been invaded without your knowledge. Unfortunately, that’s a situation that comes up with an alarming amount of frequency in today’s digital age.

Hackers are always out there looking for entry points, and they seem to get more and more sophisticated as time moves along. While it’s alarming to think about, there’s really nothing out there that’s completely impenetrable by determined hackers.

That’s true whether we’re talking about personal computers, sophisticated corporate networks – and even smartphones. Yes, smartphones can be hacked, and that brings along all kinds of headaches.

So how do hackers manage to pull this off?

There’s a number of ways to do it, such as accessing your phone via an unprotected Wi-Fi network in a public setting or via a spam text message, but the end result is that a spy app could be installed after your phone has been accessed for a few minutes.

Having your personal device taken over without your knowledge is a chilling thought, but there are some signs that you can keep in mind.

Here is a list of six specific things that you can be on the lookout for.

1. Your phone runs out of battery faster than normal. If you don’t keep apps running in the background, there could be an unknown app running on your phone and draining energy.

2. Your phone runs warm even if you are not using it. A warm phone is another sign that an app is running on your phone without your knowledge.

3. Your phone operates by itself. If your phone reboots, turns off, makes phone calls or starts applications by itself, it’s a sign someone else is controlling your phone.

4. Phone numbers in your recent calls that you do no recognize is another sign of a hacked phone.

5. If your phone will not turn off and starts acting strangely, it is another sign your phone is hacked. This includes apps opening, lighting changes, setting changes, etc.

6. Strange sounds during a phone call is another sign your phone has been tampered with.

So what do you do from that point? Rushing to the store to get a new one isn’t always the most budget friendly course of action, so thankfully there are some steps you can take to make sure that your phone is protected.

For starters, never open a link from a strange text message. This also applies to links in which you cannot see the full URL. You should be treating these in the same fashion as you would view those spam emails that we all know and abhor. If you don’t know what it is or where it will lead, don’t click it.

Additionally, you should switch off the option to automatically connect to public Wi-Fi networks. That option should be set to manual, and it’s always wise to seek out the networks that are password protected whenever possible.

In addition, passwords are imperative, but be sure to avoid using the ‘remember passwords’ feature. Leaving this feature on could lead to those dreaded hackers hitting the jackpot with the wealth of personal information they can pull from your device.

Learn ore about how to protect your phone in the video below:


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