When a person falls in love with someone there is a certain level of connection which both the individuals can relate to. They may be distant but they will always looking forward to talking or contacting their significant other by any means necessary. Sometimes in their bid to have a perfect relationship the couple may weave lies and illusions around themselves in order to appear as though hopelessly romantic with each other. In reality though, under this façade resides no real emotional connection. Find out if you are investing your time in such a relationship.

When a couple is interested in each other they are always thinking how to connect with them. They will try any means at their disposal to try and connect with their significant other since that is what gives them the most delight and satisfaction. However if you both barely come face to face and do not really feel an urge to make some sort of contact with the other person it is certainly missing the sincere love.

It is natural to assume that when you love someone you make an effort to know how their day was. What important things are happening in their lives. Especially if you are in a long distance relationship you will make arrangements to have those long, late night conversations with your significant other.

If there is no urge at all to contact them or you get to know about their important events via Facebook notifications it is evidence enough you are just under an illusion of a relationship with no requisite emotional connection.

A person is always looking for a perfect relationship where the couple acts out all lovey dovey and there are no arguments between them. This kind of relationship is only possible in a perfect world otherwise it is just plain hypocrisy. No two people are that compatible to never have any disagreements or little fights. Too much PDA is an attempt to let others perceive that they are super romantic with each other but the moment they are out of public eye they will be distant with each other.

We are not saying PDA is a bad thing; we merely are pointing out to the fact that there is a visible decrease in expressing affection when you are alone and while in public. This contrasting attitude only confirms that you are forcefully imposing an image or fabricating a relationship which never really exists in the first place.

If a couple is truly interested in each other they will look forward to spending quality time with each other. Forming memories which you would cherish and the unexplainable euphoria to be with each other. If you do not have any such feelings and can’t really seem to miss them or long to be with them you are only investing your time in a pointless relationship.

Love has a very peculiar ‘high’ and couples who are truly struck by cupid’s arrow can relate to it. You will laugh and smile together without any reason just because you are in the company of that person. Your mood will be uplifted and your spirits will soar. If you only connect with each other when there is company and have no real connection while alone should set the alarm bells ringing.

It is understandable to feel a little shy in the initial stages of a relationship when you are still coming to grasp with the idea of mutual attraction. But as the relationship progresses, contemplation evolves into certainty and grows into infatuation.

However, if you are still not that comfortable with each other and have inhibitions you are not meant to be together. You are only living a lie and do not find each other attractive.

Do you both find yourself only talking about random stuff like weather or sports? Are there a definite avoiding of much more pressing questions like where the relationship is heading and what the future like is for you both. If that is the case you are definitely looking at a short casual fling and not a long meaningful relationship.

You need to confront your partner and talk about these serious issues and if they don’t seem interested it means you need to abandon this so called relationship and look for a partner who shares your views.

When a person is in love with other they want to internalize that person into their lives as much as possible. They will not only make efforts to learn more about you but also offer you opportunity to learn more about them.

This is only possible when a person is seriously contemplating a long term relationship. If they are keeping you from meeting their family it strongly suggests they do not see you as the potential partner in the long run.

You are only good for hanging out at parties and the occasional casual encounters. On the other hand if you find yourself uninterested about the matter altogether will indicate your unwillingness to develop significant relationship

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