8 Insane Ideas That Made Millions With In No Time

You can make money in different ways; you just have to warm up your brain. The Internet is the biggest source of earning money these days; it has provided opportunities to many people using their unconventional plans. There are many websites that make millions of dollars yearly, for example, the ones that are affiliated with Amazon.

Financial literacy means having the knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions. (CNW Group/Financial Consumer Agency of Canada)

After going through a number of success stories we have put together a list of few entrepreneurs who have made their dreams come true. Have a look:

Pet Rock

The person behind this idea was Gary Dahl

Profit earned: $15 Million (in six months)

Everyone comes up with new ideas, but you rarely find them acting upon them. Pet rock was a ridiculous idea that made millions of dollars in a time span of just a couple of months. The stones were sold as “easy to go” pets, finished with a pet instructional pamphlet and a pet bearer. It was a big hit and transformed into the best selling product.


The brains behind the idea is Richard James

Profit earned: $250 Million

Richard James’ is a naval architect and came up with this idea. He once dropped a strain spring on the floor while he was at work and saw it sneak away over the floor. This is how Slinky was created. It was a million dollar idea that made Richard James rich in just a couple of days.

Beanie Babies

The person who came up with this idea is H Ty Warner

Profit earned: Around $6 Billion

All you have to do is, take an empty sac, fill it up with beans, give it cute little eyes, a cute name and voila, the beanie baby is ready! This toy empire is bigger than you can imagine. Their first toy show was in Atlanta in the United States of America where more than thirty thousand toys were sold in one day. How H Ty Warner created this huge toy empire is very inspiring. These toys were never advertised, and you won’t find them in any of those big stores in the town. Why? Because it made the beanie babies much more desirable as they were difficult to find. H Ty Warner is seriously playing a billion dollar game now.


Bandai (A Japanese toymaker) came up with this ingenious idea.

Profit earned: Around $3 Billion.

Tamagotchi is a pet reenactment gadget that incited a big craze in the early nineties.It was popular with kids and grow-ups alike who thought they were not responsible enough to keep an actual pet. The Japanese toymaker sold around 70 million Tamagotchis. There was also a time when one Tamagotchi was sold every second.

Slap Bracelets

The person behind this idea was Stuart Andrews

Profit earned:  around $6 Million

I am sure everyone knows about slap bracelets, and it is an all-time favourite thing of every kid out there. There are kids who love collecting slap bracelets, and it is something more than fun to play with. Stuart Andrews worked at a high school as a teacher initially and then he invented slap bracelet in the year, 1990, which changed everything for him and made him a millionaire.

Yellow Smiley Faces

Bernard and Murray Spain were the ones to think of it.

Profit earned: $50 Million

These smileys were created to encourage people to have a good day. They are pleasant to see, and you will find them everywhere you go. These smileys have not just made millions of dollars but cheered even more people.

Hula Hoop

Richard Knerr and Arthur K Melinare the ones behind this idea.

Profit earned: Around $100 Million

It was created in the fifties and was loved by everybody not just kids but the adults as well. In the early fifties, when hula hoop was originally created, it is said that more than fifty thousand hula hoops were made every single day and they were sold out. It was again a million dollar idea, and kids still love it.

Toilet Night Light

The genius behind the idea are Matt Alexander and Michael Kannely.

Profit earned: $226,000

It is something quite different and fun to imagine, the toilet night lights came into being with a goal of never missing the toilet seat even when there is all dark. It is a small device that is motion activated and can be attached to the toilet seat. It will turn on automatically as you walk inside the bathroom. It is quite affordable and is readily available these days.

All the eight things mentioned above are a product of some insane ideas. They all made a ridiculous amount of money and became popular instantly. Try to pursue your own ideas too and see what life has to offer!

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