8 Reasons Why Real Men Would Never Cheat

We’ve been seeing a lot of negativity going around revolving around men and them being cheaters. Not all men cheat, goes the same way with women but for some reason it’s a little more common for men. Why? Because of a few people who can’t seem to be loyal to their partners, a lot of boys and immature men turn out to be players, players who just want to pass their time and give us real men a bad name. Cheating just seems like the biggest sin in the world and a lot of men (real men) think the same. This article by Meow GAG will tell the world why real men would never cheat.

Let’s begin.

8. Real men know how to respect their partners

Respect is an integral part of every relationship and it makes every relationship mature and long-lasting. Respect takes relationships to the next step and helps them grow. Real men know how to respect their partners, they know of the level of respect their partners deserve, and they never forget it regardless of how they feel. Real men give a lot of importance to respect, and this is one of the reasons why they never cheat; they just cannot disrespect their partners.

7. Real men don’t do flings

Real men look for serious relationships. They aren’t looking for one-night stands – they look for partners who would hold their hand through life, who would be with them through thick and thin, and who would support them during the best and the worst of times. Flings are for boys and immature men who just don’t want to settle down or think the idea of settling down with one partner is just too boring. Real men, on the other hand, take their relationships very seriously.


6. Real men don’t want to live a lie

When someone is a cheater, they tend to lie a lot. Cheaters have to think of a thousand scenarios to cover their tracks and they have to lie on a lot of occasions. Real men just don’t want to live a lie all their lives; they can’t be unjust and untrue toward their partners and they like to tell them everything. Real men tell women everything about their past because they want complete transparency, and they don’t hide anything even if telling them (women) something would result in a fight. It’s better to tell the truth and get what’s coming than to lie and wait for something to come when it’s too late.

5. Real men can control themselves

Real men have enough will power to control themselves. Being a “one-woman-man” is not a thing of the past. Real men don’t have the urge to be physical with someone else because they’re happy enough with their partners. Real men know that the value of lust is not more than love and lust goes away after a while but love stays forever.

4. Real men can’t think of hurting their partners

Like I talk in the beginning, real men respect their partners. They can never think of intentionally hurting their partners. When someone cheats, they actually break the person who’s in love with them. They break every fiber of trust their partners had in them and they cause a lot of trauma. Real men can never think of making their partners go through so much negativity and darkness and can never hurt their partners by being with someone else behind their backs.

3. Real men can’t juggle

We’ve seen a lot of guys who juggle two women at once; how they do it? It’s emotionally impossible for me to imagine being with two girls at once, to be with two women, and keep them in the dark. How can people play with someone’s feelings like that? To make each partner think they truly love them while telling the other partner the very same thing? This is something real men can’t do – they just can’t and won’t juggle. They’re happy with one woman who loves them.

2. Real men have the power to break up

One of the reasons why people cheat is when they aren’t happy with their partners and they want to see other people. And most of the time, they are too scared to break up. This is what real men don’t do: real men know when it’s time to break up with someone when things aren’t going well. They know that it’s much better to leave someone than to cheat on them or to lie to them; it’s another way of showing them respect by being completely honest with them.

1. Real men know what’s more important in life

The emotions, the feelings, the love, the memories – there are so many things that matter in life and are important. Real men know the importance of these things and know that staying loyal with their partners is more important than to go look for other people to have flings with. Real men are emotional. They cry, they laugh, and they don’t have any ulterior motives in their minds – they just want to enjoy our lives with the people we love.

Any real men out there?

How many real men are reading this article? Or how many women can agree to this? Let us know in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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