9 Epic Pictures Depicting The Reality Of Life After Marriage. #5 Is Terribly True

Love is eternal. No one is arguing that. People have beautiful and intimate ways to express their love for their partners, ways to make them feel special and loved in all possible ways.


But, there’s only one thing that can change this. I’m not talking about the bond or the love the couple shares. I’m talking about the tiny changes that give you the feeling that marriage has crept into your love life. Read on to find it out!

1. I Love You.

The way couples respond to the sweet I love you changes as well. After the wedding, you hear it less frequently. It’s more about expressing your love in ways to help and keep your partner happy rather than just saying it.

Expressing Your Desires.

Expressing love is an art. Well, after marriage the art takes interesting turns!

3. Yay! Movie Nights.

Movie nights sprinkled with lovely intimate moments are replaced by laying in each others company on the sofa.

Wardrobe Issues.

Meeting each other always involved intensely long periods of makeup and decision making to confirm your wardrobe. Post marriage it’s all about enjoying yourself and living in your own skin.

5. Gifts And What Not.


Initially, it’s all about gifts and keeping each other happy and blissful. Later responsibilities and important decisions take a major chunk of your life.

You Mean The World.

Before the marriage it is all about promises and assurances to declare and solidify your love for each other. Later on, it becomes a true test. Simple things like helping each other in managing daily chores keep the marriage alive and sparkling.

7. Sleep Patterns.

Sleeping at nights sees a very drastic change. Cute and lovey dovey positions replaced by snatching the blankets to random positions with your legs tangled around each other in funny ways.

Date Nights.

Weekends change dramatically. Exploring new places and visiting your friends and clubs are replaced by simple things. Some include relaxing at home after a long week of grueling work or feeding your hubby some delicious home made food or simply cuddling in the bedroom.

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