Based On Your Blood Type, Here’s How Often You Should Have Sex

Are you one of those who constantly check horoscope and play quizzes to check compatibility with your partner? You might be too ashamed to accept it but admit it, you’re one of them. There are thousands of people who regularly check their zodiac signs to see if their partner is the right one they should be having sex with.

According to research, you can now check your partners’ compatibility according to your blood group. Want to know if your partner is good in bed or not? Here is a quick guide to know how often you should have sex based on your blood type.


People who have type A Blood are quite hesitant in approaching someone. The people of Type A are dedicated lovers, once they fall in love. Type A people are loyal, and passionate about their love life. Their partners don’t have to worry about them of cheating ever. Blood A Type people are also good at playing kinky games in bed and always willing to try new experiences in their sex lives. These people have sex 3-4 times a day and feel obliged in making their partner sexually pleased.


People with Blood group B are known to be leaders of all the blood types. They are also the heart-breakers and love to explore new opportunities both in bed and in their love life. They are not lovers and like to keep sex only physical- no strings attached. Their sexual lives are highly active and can stay energetic from dusk till dawn. They can easily have sex 6-7 times a week. However, people with Blood group B are also self-centered and think highly of themselves. They also tend to ignore their partners at times and like to keep to themselves.


People with Blood group AB are known to be dreamers. They are easy to fall for because of their loving and generous nature. These people are true romantics but often consider sex as only a hobby. They don’t believe in sharing their bed with anyone. If you have sex with them, then you’re really lucky because Type AB people are very choosy about who they have sex or fall in love with.

Type AB people have an alluring personality that attracts people towards them. They like to try nex positions in bed and never let their partner get bored. They are ready to have sex 4-5 times a week.


Type O blood individuals are rare to find both as a blood type and as romantic partners. These people are passionate about their partners and their love life. Unlike other blood types, these individuals need sex 2-3 times a day. They strongly believe you need sex to function properly throughout the day. If your partner has Type O blood then you should be prepared for a roller coaster ride in your relationship. Apart from being sexually aggressive, they are also very gentle and understanding in their love lives.


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