We live in a world where we identify only with the things we see outside of ourselves”– Guy Finley
What strikes in your mind when you think of a word ‘Manhood’? Many of you may relate manhood with the size of the penis, and many may believe that manhood is a stage in a life of a man.

Unknowingly, we do many unwanted things in our daily lifestyle which hurt our manhood. It’s a matter of grave concern. Immediate steps should be taken to skip from any permanent damage.
Here are some common habits which pose havoc to your manhood. Stay here in order to know the secrets of a healthy s*x life.

Insufficient exercising

It is reported that those men who engage themselves more in exercising have better s*xual function including erection ability,the frequency of their erections and orgasm and their quality.

Involving in lesser s*xual activity

As per the study published in The American Journal of Medicine, more the s*x lesser are the chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Intake of junk food

The quality of the sperm depends on the healthy diet. Junk food hampers healthy growth and deteriorates the sperm quality.

Inadequate hours of sleep

Reports made it clear that those men who take the insufficient amount of sleep have a lesser ability to reproduce. Fatigue, lack of concentration, etc. are some of the other resultants of insufficient sleeping hours.

Not washing off the sunscreen

According to National Institutes of Health, sunscreen increases the chances of suffering from infertility.

Having poor dental hygiene

It has been found by the researchers that bacteria in your gum tissue can travel through your body resulting in inflammation and damage to blood vessels of your penis.

Now as you know how to keep your sex life happy and healthy, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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