Choose an Eye and See What It Means

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul,” as the old Greek saying goes, and it is probably true. Through our eyes, we perceive, we learn, and we fall in love. The sight requires the most complex brain function of all senses, and this is why it is so important.

Now, Oddmenot asks you to choose one from the eyes. Let the eye choose you. Which one looks at your soul? Which one do you feel more connected? The answer may surprise you!

Let’s start!

1. You are fueled with passion

Fire is into you, burning brightly. Your instincts are alive and hungry. You need to feel adventurous again. You need to be able to be spontaneous and feel life like you always wanted.

Your libido is awakened, and you are now able to know more about your true intentions and what you really want for the future. You also probably feel enraged about something that happened in the past which you cannot easily let go. However, forgiveness is the key to healing.

2. You’re a book of secrets

You know that you’ve learned so much in the past both the easy and the hard way. You may have sacrificed so much in order to become who you are now. You may lose something very precious, but here you are, wiser and stronger (maybe you don’t realize it yet, but you are indeed stronger). On the other hand, this additional wisdom that you’ve acquired during your journey can now be used in order to achieve your purposes. Yes, your goals might have changed, but this wisdom should not be wasted. Make room for the future; plan your goals anew. You are in a very creative phase of your life. Show us what you can really do!

3. You’re a force of nature

Your living energy has always been a part of nature. You just now realize it even more. You are attuned with the spirits of nature, and you know day by day what you can tap into this force and perform miracles. These miracles can change your life and others! After all, people are attracted to you as you can help them heal themselves. You have a lovely aura, drenched in the green forces of nature. You can become a lighthouse of happiness and tranquility if only you knew the extent of your powers!

4. You are an ethereal spirit

You always try to find more about what is happening – always looking for the deeper meaning of everything. You always wonder how life could be if you have chosen different paths. Sometimes you are very strict with yourself. You are a perfectionist.

Well, life is what it is, and although your crystal soul can help many people find their way, you can easily feel lost. This happens because you always question your choices, your motives, and your judgment. You should learn to trust yourself more.

Of course, you will do mistakes, and yes, sometimes mistakes can become really painful. But what’s life without mistakes? If we were perfect we would not be born here. So please learn to love yourself more and trust your guts!

5. You’re a living riddle

Much of the information you distribute to others is part of your master manipulation technique. You know what to hide and what to show. You may not do this in purpose, but you value your personal traits too much to let others know them easily.

You reward people who are close to you with this private information about you. The more you love someone, the more you let them know about you. Probably, this happens because earlier in life you felt that you were betrayed. In this way, you created a “protective wall” which no one can easily interfere. This solid, enigmatic exterior is part of your defense mechanism.

6. You’re an enchanting soul

You magnetize others around you with your enigmatic and mysterious personality. Your aura radiates arcane wisdom and secrets. You are always noticed (even though you don’t realize it) as your energy is so intense.

You have to learn to become more confident. You should discover the truth, that you are a unique being with so many powers hiding underneath. Learn your powers, and find out more about what is lurking in you. You should probably try to see your past lives. This might be the key to unlock all this intense power.

Moreover, you should stop being on defense and learn how to go out and reach for your dreams. You can have whatever you want. The only thing you have to do is believe in you and reach for it! You are so powerful!

7. You are the night’s sentinel

You are a master of disguises and keeper of wisdom and sensitive information. You love to watch and notice how others react in certain situations. You know how to create illusions and how to “play” in relationships. Although you are sincere, you don’t want other people to know everything about you.

You love to give them a reason to discover more about you. You acknowledge yourself as a prize that one can win if they are brave enough. You set a bait and wait if your “target” reaches for it. He/she may have to walk into your “dark corridors” but what miracles will they discover if they do!

You have so many treasures hidden inside your heart. The one who is brave and wise enough to look into “your night” will be rewarded with the privilege to have you as a soulmate and guide.


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