Here’s The Entire List of Illegal Drugs Adolf Hitler Used To Take Daily

As the World War II was dragging on in 1944, the Nazi forces seemed to be losing strength and hope. But, Adolf Hitler’s optimism in military briefings never waned. This is why everyone around him wondered if he had a secret weapon up his sleeve that could change the war in his favor at the last second.

As it turned out he did. But, it wasn’t a weapon. According to author Norman Ohler’s book “Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany, the Nazi leader was a gibbering “super-junkie” whose veins were nearly destroyed by thousands of opiate injections during the end of World War II. And it was his personal physician, Theodore Morrell who hooked him on a mix of drugs.

Here’s a list of what he used.


The first stage of Hitler’s drug abuse lasted from 1936-1941. Shortly after he met Theodore Morell in 1936, he quickly became his personal physician. Morell assured the dictator he would never get a cold and would feel amazing only if he would take some injections. And so it began.

During this period, the doctor injected Hitler several times a day with a concoction which supposedly contained glucose and vitamins. In turn, when the Fuehrer woke up in the morning, barely raising his head, this injection instantly revived him. He would be fully awake, talking and sitting up in bed. According to a 47-page dossier compiled by the US after World War II, based on eyewitness accounts and Dr. Morell’s personal records, there’s no doubt these injections actually contained methamphetamine.

Hormones, steroids, and barbiturates

The second stage started in the fall of 1941 when the war against Russia turned bad and he began to take injections of steroids, animal hormones, and barbiturates. He frequently suffered from high fever and diarrhea, so he was quite sick. They called it the Russian flu. However, the first time he got a hormone injection from animals, pig liver extracts to be more precise, it actually worked. He was back on his feet for a military briefing the next day. Nowadays, we would refer to these as doping agents.


The third stage began in the summer of 1943 when Hitler turned to harder and stronger drugs. In July 1943 he was supposed to have a very decisive meeting with Benito Mussolini, Italy’s dictator, in order to give some encouragement and strengthen the resolve of the Italian armed forces in the war. So, on that day in July, Morrell used a half-synthetic opiate and opioid called Eukodal for the first time. This is sort of like the pharmacological cousin of heroin, but with a much stronger euphoric effect. After a shot of Eukodal, you’d definitely feel extremely good and this is exactly what happened to the Nazi leader. According to numerous reports of that meeting with Mussolini, Hitler wouldn’t stop talking and was so euphoric that he easily convinced Mussolini to stay on board.


Hitler also took cocaine on over 50 occasions. He took pure cocaine that the SS delivered, and definitely not small doses of it. In fact, at times he would get a combination of cocaine and Eukodal in a period of a few hours, which in drug terms would be called a speedball. He probably used the drugs to stand firm in his convictions when he wasn’t already on drugs. He actually detached himself from reality at a point when he should have realized that his delusional ideas of world domination were exactly that: delusional, irrational and out of touch with reality.

Ohler found evidence to support these claims in a trove of archives in Washington D.C. and Munich and Koblenz, Germany. In addition, his book has been praised by British historians as a “remarkable” work of research.

So, do you think Hitler was, in fact, the Fuehrer of drugs? It would certainly explain the Fuehrer’s maniacal behavior during his speeches, wouldn’t it?

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