Here’s What Really Happens In A ‘Gentle C-Section’

In recent years, a lot of moms-to-be are opening up to different childbirth methods. A need to completely experience bringing a child into the world has instigated new methods that are now becoming popular. One of these is what is known as a ‘Gentle C-section.’

In a sense, a ‘Gentle C-section’ is said to be more similar to natural birth than a cesarean. This is because the baby is permitted to crawl out of his or her mother’s womb instead of being yanked out during an emergency cesarean.

In an interview, David Garfinkel, M.D stated that “To be very clear, a gentle C-section is still surgery In a traditional C-section, the baby is delivered quickly and handed to the pediatricians, but in a gentle C-section, the baby’s head is delivered, then slowly the rest of the body is delivered, allowing a bit of a squeeze to get that extra fluid from the lungs expelled, then the baby is placed on the mother’s chest and breastfeeding is initiated.”

He further explained that “There is no quickness elicited in cutting the cord; that procedure is delayed and the baby stays with the mother throughout the entire operative procedure.”

Even though promoting this type of delivery in no way favors C-sections over normal deliveries, the doctors’ objective is to present this as a choice to improve the experience. “No one is trying to advocate for C-sections. We really don’t want to increase the cesarean rate, we just want to make it better for those who have to have it,” Dr. William Camann explains to during an interview.

Moreover, Dr. Jham Frank Lugo, an obstetrician from Venezuela favors ‘Gentle C-section’ and even shared some remarkable footage on his own Instagram account. Be awed by some snapshot of the clips he provided.

‘Gentle C-sections’ deliver moms with a more “emotional experience”

Many think that this type of birth as a “more emotional experience.” Dr. Garfinkel personally feels that it “allows a woman to be almost as involved as if her birth was happening vaginally and I believe all women should be given the opportunity to be as much part of a part of their births as they want. It is my goal to ensure women don’t look at having a C-section as a failure.”

For the period of a Gentle C-section, the mom is neither deeply sedated nor strapped down. This type of delivery also permits skin-to-skin contact to be introduced early.

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Photo Credits: Instagram User – fertilugo

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