This Indian Cricketer Has Taken Over Lionel Messi in Forbes’ Most Valuable Athlete List

Virat Kohli, India’s Cricket captain, has a considerable measure of events going for him right now. At the age of 28 only, he has exhibited wonderful batting consistency and very keen authority in each of the three formats of Cricket. The captain has a dream for Indian cricket as well as possesses the capacity to execute the plan inside the group to accomplish it.

From displaying amazing cricket skills to a remarkable change in player’s fitness levels, you can find Virat Kohli’s signature everywhere throughout the present set up of Indian cricket. Virat Kohli isn’t quite recently the most attractive competitor in Asian world of sports yet the most popular face of cricket universally. It could be said, Virat Kohli’s power and fan following were caught in the most recent rundown of the globally significant competitors by the renowned Forbes on Wednesday.

Athletes are mostly known for the money they earn not only their basic pay but also all the endorsement they get to date. Virat Kohli’s brand equity has gotten higher than the world’s best soccer player, Lionel Messi and Rory McIlroy who is a big name in golf. The Swiss tennis player, Roger Federer has come out first in the rundown, whereas the king of soccer, Cristiano Ronaldo, managed to secure the fourth position on this list.

Here is the list of top ten most valuable athletes by Forbes:

1.Roger Federer: $37.2m

2.LeBron James: $33.4m


3.Usain Bolt: $27m

Time Magazine

4.Cristiano Ronaldo: $21.5m


5.Phil Mickelson: $19.6m

6.Tiger Woods: $16.6m

7.Virat Kohli: $14.5m

Hindustan Times

8.Rory McIlroy: $13.6m

USA Today

9.Lionel Messi: $13.5m

10.Steph Curry: $13.4m


I am sure everyone loves Messi, but in terms of the numbers of fans at the moment, Virat Kohli has become a big universal brand name. Kohli has been breaking the records in the near past. In his first ODI with New Zealand, the star batsman nailed a splendid hundred on the home ground at the Wankhede Stadium that is situated in Mumbai. He was also the second best century-scorer.

Virat Kohli is surprisingly not the only Indian cricketer who has made to the list of Forbes’s list of best ten athletes. MS Dhoni who was the captain of Indian cricket team before Virat Kohli, was ranked at number 5 on the same list in 2014 and his brand equity figured at $20m; although, it was a lot less than it had been back in 2013. After Dhoni surrendered Test cricket and left the captaincy of Indian cricket team, he was still one of the ten greatest brands in the year 2016. The brand equity of Dhoni; however, took a major hit in the same year, descending to $11m from $21m (calculated value of 2016.) Presently the captain of Indian cricket team in all format has done a high climb that clearly states the fact that there are many perks attached to Indian Captaincy.

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