How Movies Look Before And After Using Special Effects

The movies we see these days are way more advanced than what they used to be. The constant development of technology has allowed the movie makers to literally create anything they like. These technological advancements allow the use of special effects making anything possible. Almost every movie being made these days have these special effects on them. Computer generated images or CGI is the common term used for the technology used in these movies. How else did you think Avatar, Transformers, all the superhero movies are made? They heavily rely on CGI. And trust me, the before and after shots will make you baffled.

The process, if explained in general terms will be as such. Actors have to act in front of either green or blue screen with certain props and technical items. Once the shooting part is done, these raw videos are then processed in computers were a programmer adds layers of special effects. The before and after shots of almost every movie is present on Youtube, you can easily see them. These computer-generated images take hours or even days and months to create.

Here is a video showing before and after of how movies look with special effects!


Seen the video, didn’t you? Aren’t these before and after shots of movies are magical? Yes, programmers, in my opinion, are no less than a magician. Avatar is considered as one of the best special effects movies ever made. Even all the superhero movies that are being made these days heavily rely on CGI. The destruction of buildings, massive wars, mythical creatures and everything and anything you see is/are special effects.

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