He Had Rs 25 When He Left His Home And Today He Owns A Multi-million Empire All Alone

Success is born from struggle!. The struggle is what we all consider as the most difficult part of our lives. However, it is also a ladder to greater opportunities. Not all of us are born with a golden spoon. One has to work hard in order to avail what is waiting for them because if where there is no struggle there are no rewards.


Hardships are always necessary for you to realize the harsh reality of life because to stand up, you always need to know what falling down is like. There are a countless number of people who have wrestled their circumstances for a better and secure future. They have been through thick and thin, but never lost hope as they believed that this life is given to them because they are strong enough to face it.


Though the choice is completely ours, whether we want to strive for excellence or waste our life on trivial things. Hats off to this indescribable ideal who has put in all his efforts and has never thought of quitting upon his goal.He has proved that failures can be changed into accomplishments if you have the right mind set and you are clear about your goals.

Who would have ever thought of Mr. Mohan Singh Oberoi’s life before building up such a huge empire? Who would have thought of the story behind India’s second largest hotel company? No one would believe Mohan Singh started his career with a job as a desk clerk at The Cecil Hotel, worth Rs.50 per month.

Mr. Mohan Singh and his family have faced a lot of difficulties in life. When he was hardly six months old, his father died, leaving his mother a widow with few resources. Survival with an infant child was not easy for her especially during those old days. After completing his basic education at a Government college, he had to quit further studies due to financial crises. However, this did not break his high spirit at all and instead, he learned typing and shorthand.


With a degree in his hands, all the doors still kept shutting and no job was offered to him. Such struggle and sweat did not help him at the beginning so on a friend’s suggestion he started a typing job in Amritsar, but he knew that this would not help him achieve his ambitions. He was quite disheartened by the harsh reality, but still, he aimed to achieve his ultimate objective.

Living in the city was not cheap and he was not able to meet the expenses, therefore, he had to return to his village. Finally one of his uncles got him a job in a shoemaking factory, but his luck did not support him there either and the factory had to shut down, forcing him to return to his village empty-handed, once again.

He got married into a family settled in Calcutta with some hope of finding a job there, but that did not do him any favor either. Days passed by his frustration grew but nothing came his way. He was literally on the verge of quitting upon life but luckily he got a job at The Cecil Hotel in Shimla. He was a quick learner and took many additional responsibilities.

He gave it all and worked with all his heart and sincerity. His honesty and hard work got him a great reward real quick. The owner of the Cecil Hotel and his wife were so impressed by his loyalty and enthusiasm that they decided to hand over the responsibility of Hotel Carlton which is now known as to this hard-working, impressive young man.

During the owner’s absence, Mr. Mohan doubled up the occupancy of the hotel by 80% and the owner and his wife were so impressed by him that they sold him the hotel at a very reasonable price as they had to move back to England. After a constant hard work and struggle for five years, he finally became the sole owner of the hotel on his thirty-fourth birthday on 14 August 1934. He could not have expected a better birthday gift.

Later, he started his own Oberoi group and employed a large number of jobless people worldwide and was the owner of about thirty hotels and luxurious cruises. His hotels are not only ranked second largest in India but also ranked third in best hotels in Asia.

He came to Shimla with empty pockets and today he is the owner of one of the worlds biggest hotel chains. Mr. Mohan’s life is a great inspiration for all the young strugglers out there. His life shows us not to abandon hope and keep fighting for the better future.

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