Scientists Have Shared Which Everyday Items You Should Keep to Yourself

For as long as memory will serve you, you’ll probably be able to remember your parents and teachers saying it’s good to share. A constantly reiterated yet evolving value practiced by every good Samaritan, sharing is always synonymous to caring – and not just because the two are homonyms! It’s because sharing imparts a sensation of understanding, empathy, kindness and thoughtfulness. Be it passing that pack of gum around in class which everyone is just always coincidentally craving at the same time or sharing your feelings with a friend or someone close. It’s always good to share – but there’s always an exception, or in our case, many! Here are some things you should never share!

9. Headgear

Headgear covers (pun intended) more than just caps and hats! It’s anything that you will grace your hair with. Be it combs, hairbrushes, headscarves, helmets or even pillows, try to avoid sharing them because they’re an efficient transmission service for menaces like lice. It’s no surprise that no one likes lice or that being a host to them is a pleasurable experience, so avoid sharing headgear!

8. Shaving razors

If you thought lice is bad, the list has just begun. According to much research and conclusive evidence, shaving razors are best unshared and regularly swapped for a new one. With doctors and medical experts being extra particular about sharing razors with anyone who may show even the slightest signs of H.I.V or Hepatitis, razor blades are no one’s friend and should be changed even for the same person regularly. A suitable environment for bacteria, fungi and subsequent infections to thrive, razor blades aren’t to be shared – thankfully they don’t cost a lot at all either!

7. Earpieces

Hear us out! Although this stands true for any kind of earpiece, we’re going to target earphones specifically since without them, the soundtrack of your life feels incomplete, literally! A must-have for any audiophile, a pair of earphones is always present in either their bag, wallet, jacket or pants. A quick untangle (yes we know, we hate it too) and a quick plug, and you’re ready to transport yourself into a world otherwise unseen. However, sharing earphones can be dangerous if you slack off and don’t clean them properly after each share, because you otherwise run the risk of an ear infection! Yikes!

6. Bar soap

Be it for washing your hands before a meal, taking a hot shower after a tiring day or cleaning out a dirty mouth (call us old fashioned), bar soap has been around for literally centuries and helps fight germs and diseases, one hand at a time. You would think there’s no harm done in sharing bar soap, since it should just clean itself, right? Well that’s just not true. According to researchers conducting some, well, research back in 2014, bar soap doesn’t dry out completely and can hence be a host to wide variety of bacteria, fungi and other harmful vectors which can transmit disease. So the next time you reach for your favorite bar of Irish Spring for the office bathroom, consider liquid soap instead.

5. Cream

If you’re panicking over the size of the box or can of cream in your fridge right now and want to curse capitalism for making it the norm in selling such large servings, all for one person, we have good news for you. This isn’t your variety of dairy we’re talking about, we mean facial or body creams which are meant for moisturizing and protecting your skin. As per experts, since the containers aren’t airtight, there might be traces of fungus lurking between the lid. Definitely not something you want to share!

4. Tweezers/Nail clippers

Who doesn’t like grooming and keeping their stray hair in check? Luckily, we have tools at the ready on the shelves of departmental stores for all your needs. One of these is a pair of tweezers which can save you a lot of trouble if you ever happen to get a nasty splinter or just catch some stray hair in your eyebrows. Do use them – just don’t share them! As per Mount Sinai Medical Center specialists, plucking out hair may draw miniscule amounts of blood out the hair follicle which, if let to stay there, can cause infections if shared.

While we’re still on the topic, an honorable mention goes to nail clippers which should be kept to yourself for the same reason.

3. Roll-on deodorant

As per Bloo from Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friend AKA one of the best shows ever, what do you use when you’ve got that B.O? Deo! We’re talking roll-on, as mentioned by rap sensation Roadman Shaq in Man’s Not Hot. As per medical experts, roll-on deo can promote bacteria to and from the skin of different people. To solve this, don’t let there be different people! Keep it to yourself.

2. Lip balm

Lip balm is one thing which is almost always in your bag, the ladies almost always and gents particularly in cold and dry weather. It helps create a barrier between your skin and the unforgiving atmosphere, all the while restoring the natural moisture and suppleness of the lips. Be warned though – be it lip balm, lip stick or anything else of the nature, it’s not meant to be shared. Unless, of course, you have the HSV-1 (Oral Herpes) on your bucket list!

1.Toothbrush/Dental Floss

Using someone else’s toothbrush or sharing dental floss is detrimental to health, according to researchers. Identifying E. Coli, oral Herpes and the remains of food to be transmitted along each stroke of the brush on your pearly whites, sharing these oral tools are a big no. In an emergency, just use a moist towel with a small dab of toothpaste on it!

So, ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. Here were some things you should just never share with others, because as you may have seen, sharing is not always caring! We hope you found this list useful. Anything we missed out on? Have an experience worth sharing? Let us know!

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