What Does Your Thumb Say About You

Most often our personality can be revealed through the decisions we make. But this time. Meow Gag has found out that even the position or the angle of our thumb can say something about our character.

1. Straight Thumb

You have a straight thumb if there’s no bend to your bones at all, and the thumb isn’t somewhat retracted backwards over the knuckle.

If you have this thumb position, it means that you’re a more serious person type of person than most. But then, even you don’t show your impulsiveness, it doesn’t mean you’re a bummer.

2. Crooked Thumb

If the back of your thumb is curved, then you have a crooked thumb. It can bend a lot or even a little, depending on the person

Having a crooked thumb means you are so much expressive. You have an enormous desire to tell your feelings and thoughts.

3. Obtuse Angle

A person whose thumb creates an obtuse angle with the index finger is a gem. This type of thumb is sturdy, long and slender, making it referred to as tender thumbs.

Those who have this thumb are peaceful and sympathetic persons. They are frequently great artists and musicians.

4. The first half is longer than the second half

The thumb is divided into parts. If your first half/upper phalange (the biological term for bones of the fingers and thumbs) is longer than the second phalange, then you are motivated by a strong sense of will power. When it comes to love, you are 100% devoted, and you are exceptionally faithful.

5. The second half is longer than the first half

This means that you based all of your decisions on logic, instead of will power. You have a tendency to restrain yourself in feeling and falling in love, resulting to missed dome golden chances to find a right partner in life.

With this, you should try overcoming that issue if you want to find love. For once listen to your will power and let logic take a back-seat.

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