8 Worst Jobs in the World That May Make You Appreciate Your Work

Everyone needs money to survive. One main source of earning is having a stable job. It’s always best to find a work you love and enjoy because this is what you will be dealing everyday of your life.

You may feel that your work is tiring and demands a lot of time and effort from you, but that is how things go when you are employed.

We just need to deal with our jobs and appreciate the good things about it.

These next 8 occupations below may make you realize that you are in a better working environment after all.

#1. Crocodile trainer

This may be one of the most dangerous job in the world. Being in the same room or shelter with these big bad crocs is already a threat to your life, what more if you kiss them, touch them or even put your head in their mouth? Your boss may have a big mouth but surely will not bite like crocodiles.

#2. Guard at Buckingham Palace


It is a privilege to serve your Queen. For the Buckingham Palace guards, they will stand their post for hours without moving at all even smiling. Though the fine men may look silly and often times being ridiculed by tourists, the former are highly trained in combat and will quickly respond to any threat.

#3. Janitor at a Sperm Bank

Sperm bank floor can be messy and sticky at the same time and somebody has to clean it. It is the duty of the sperm bank janitor to make sure that the place is sanitized and the floor is dry and clean. Although donors are given cup to fill with their sperm, often times their semen manages to spill on the floor.

#4. Crime Scene Cleaner

Crime scene is not limited to murder and homicide, it also includes crime that involves animals and chemical spills. This spots where such incidents happen are cleaned by crime scene cleaners. The cleaners are supposed to be in the area hours before the clearing operation. This is because they need to be aware of the situation in order for them to properly clean the place.

#5. Embalmer

Embalming is the art of science that deals with preserving the human remains from decomposing. The embalmer is the person who cleans the corpse, drain all body fluid, take out internal organs and stuff the cadaver with fillers and air to make it look as if nothing was taken out. Chemicals are also used to prevent or delay decomposition of the remains. Seeing a dead body is unpleasant for many and exposure to the said articles above is a health hazard.

#6. Roadkill Collector

Staff photo by Bill Green
Kevin Gilmor of the State Highway Administration drags a deer carcass onto a truck lift as he removed two deer from alongside Md. 17 near Martin Road Tuesday.

These people do not collect dead animals on the highway but they are the one in charge of cleaning the streets from road kill. It is a 24 hour job and on call especially on places where large critters usually cross the road.

#7. Portable Restroom Cleaner

These brave men are equipped with a strong vacuum to get rid of all those poo in portable toilets. That is the easier part of the job, what is harder is to clean the feces on the floor that spilled due to overflow or just carelessness of the users.

#8. Odor Tester

Do not laugh at this job. Though their daily activity is to test odor by literally smelling items from perfume to nail polish to armpits, these people are scientists. They go to the laboratory to do their science and then test its purpose. A good example is a deodorant they are designing. The best way to test its effectiveness is to be used by a person and then sniff the result.

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